Nice Try Mr. Brady

Nice try Mr. Brady. You almost had us convinced that you were innocent. That you weren’t the cheater we all thought you were. That the laws of science don’t apply to footballs. That we were all brainwashed by Roger Goodell into believing that you would deliberately break the rules then lie about it.

Nice try Mr. Brady.

Don’t get me wrong here. What Brady did has no bearing on what he physically accomplished on the field. Under-inflated footballs or not, he’s still an elite quarterback and one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play football. However, as it is in most cases today, perception is reality. People perceive that Brady broke the rules and then tried to cover it up when it came time to face the music. Whether or not athletes feel responsible for it, the content of their character is sometimes weighted as much as their on-field accomplishments in the eyes of people. And with that, a lot of the collective respect NFL fans had for Mr. Brady has quickly evaporated. An innocent man doesn’t destroy his cell phone within a few days of meeting an investigator. But people wanted to give the NFL’s golden boy the benefit of the doubt. And to Brady’s credit, he tried giving them reasons to. From casually avoiding the question and claiming the “truth would come out” in his interview with Bob Costas to appearing before a group of Patriots fans and leading the charge of his own innocence, he made it appear there was no wrongdoing. The owner and head coach he plays for even came to his defense.

Nice try Mr. Brady.

Brady and co. could’ve easily avoided this. When the accusation rolled out before the Super Bowl, Brady could have come forth and simply stated the truth. Come clean and the league likely gives him a slap on the wrist and fines the organization for not being aware. Americans are forgiving by nature. We’ve forgiven plenty of athletes and the likes that’ve made mistakes and given them second chances. But instead, Brady’s arrogance led him to believe he was above reproach. He made it appear that by denying and lying about what happened, he could somehow get Roger Goodell to give up this tug-of-war game and convince all of us that he was untouchable.

Nice try Mr. Brady.

With the NFLPA receiving Brady’s permission to go ahead and file suit, his reputation is sealed. Regardless of the outcome of the case, Brady will have shown all of us that even though you may cheat and get punished for it, you can still end up a winner in court. Personally, I’ve had a lot of respect for what Brady has accomplished in the NFL. Up and until he tried to convince me that he wasn’t a cheater.

Nice try Mr. Brady.


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