Why The GOP Needs To Rally Behind Marco Rubio

Thursday’s night debate confirmed a lot for the GOP. Donald Trump’s brashness for those in the political realm and ineptitude on the issues remains intact. Jeb Bush, whom has received most of the party’s direct financial backing, displayed passiveness and had trouble answering predictable questions, raising fears that he may not be prepared to answer the unpredictable ones that a president undoubtedly has to. But the biggest confirmation for the Republicans was that Marco Rubio needs to be their nominee for President of the United States.

It’s quite simple. If the GOP expects to have a chance to take out Hilary Clinton in 2016, they must prove to the American people that they are not going to put up the same recycled candidates reciting the same recycled mantra’s term after term. Rubio represents this needed change of philosophy in a few different ways.

For one, Rubio’s humble beginning as the son of a bartender and hotel worker present him as genuine and relatable. Rubio unabashedly said “If I’m our nominee, how is Hillary Clinton going to lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck? I was raised paycheck to paycheck,” That alone separates what ammunition he has in comparison to his fellow candidates.

Rubio’s embodiment of the future is the exact answer the GOP needs to attack Clinton’s aurora of being a part of political dynasties. “If this election is a resume competition, then Hillary Clinton’s going to be the next president, because she’s been in office and in government longer than anybody else here tonight.” Rubio said. Not only is this a tactful response to questions about his lack of experience, it also shows he understands how people perceive the political machine.

Among other traits, Rubio’s ability to relate to the Hispanic community is one his most vital. This would become very important when swing states like Colorado, Nevada and his home state of Florida come into play in the general election. His youthful appearance and fieriness make him standout amongst millennials. His firm stance on conservative issues broadens his appeal to older conservatives as well.

Rubio was the clear victor Thursday night. And for the GOP, it needs to be about winning. It can’t be about the candidate that has the most political experience or the one that has the most financial backing; it has to be about putting up the best candidate that can beat Hilary Clinton. Marco Rubio gives the GOP their best chance to win. The Clinton camp knows that Rubio is their biggest threat. In sports, coaches put in the players that give them the best chance to win and rally behind them. The Democratic Party is already rallying behind its best player. It’s time the Republicans do so for theirs.