Manning Gets One Final Duel With Brady


(Photo: Rafa Alvarez)

Manning vs. Brady XVII. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady jiving for the right to go to Super Bowl 50. Two legends. One final time. History had appeared to rob fans of one final bout between these two.Manning was entering the clutches of Father Time with injuries mounting. After reclaiming his starting job, Manning’s team was down in the fourth quarter of their first playoff game. Yet, again he fought through to come back. If there is one lesson sports has taught us, its that when someone faces doubt and adversity, grit and character are revealed. Manning’s comeback thus far is a testament to his.

It seems that nearly every playoff game Manning has played in recent years is career defining. This one appears to afford him the opportunity to finally separate himself from his biggest generational rival. If Manning wins, he moves to 3-2 all-time against Brady in the postseason. Those 3 wins would also have come in the AFC Championship game. If the script writers are wanting to give Manning his final due, it’s only fitting one of his final scenes features a bout with Brady. Ironically, one of his worst statistical seasons has blossomed into one that has him one game way from the Super Bowl. Manning and the Broncos likely will be underdogs at home against the Patriots next week. But for Manning, it’s just part of the script.