The Real Donald Trump Problem


(Photo: Huffington Post)

It has been largely unavoidable since he announced his bid for President. Donald Trump continues to polarize people (whether through admiration or disdain) around the country. The GOP establishment has launched an all out blitzkrieg to try and prevent Trump from becoming the nominee. The National Review’s telling piece of its criticisms of Trump barely touch on the real issue the GOP is facing in the wake of a possible Trump nomination.

It’s easy to see why Republican voters are gravitating towards Trump. After being disappointed with underwhelming candidates in two consecutive election cycles, the craving for a nominee that can win has reached its boiling point. Insert Donald Trump. For all of Trump’s ideological shortcomings, his ability to captivate an audience from the view of an outsider is remarkable. His flamboyant attitude towards Washington politics offers the alternative to the growing ideal that our country’s biggest decision makers are already bought and paid for. His non-sensical approach to hot button topics appeal to those exhausted by political pandering. But can he win in November?

That’s where the buck has to stop for Donald Trump. For the major numbers Trump has been boasting so far in the primaries, his numbers dip drastically in a fight with Hilary Clinton. The idea of Trump doesn’t outweigh the reality of his electability. If the GOP wants to take back the White House, they have to rally behind a candidate that has enough of a draw to upset Clinton come November. Therein lies the real Donald Trump problem.