The End of An Era


(Photo: The Atlantic)

The end of an era is descending upon the GOP. Gone are the days of establishment dominance. Gone are the short-lived heydays of the Tea party’s antithesis. In their place is the new, torch-wielding populist division that appears to be running a freight train straight into November. Republicans watched their untempered frustrations cultivate itself into an unprincipled indignation that has brought a political outsider to the brink of crashing the whole party.

This could spawn a number of outcomes. It could pave the way for a long-sought third party to rise up that could change the political landscape as we know it. Democrats have allowed themselves to walk down a path of ideology scavenging that one will one day cause their identity to self-cannibalize. More importantly, it could mean the beginning of end of Conservatism as we know it.

Donald Trump’s ability to channel people’s anger raises a deeper question that begs us to delve into the mindset of the population that has quickly become infatuated with him. Americans have become fed up with Washington hypocrisies on both sides of the aisle. They clamor for an outsider that doesn’t have their strings pulled by stigma-tying lobbyists. Ultimately, they want someone that can legitimately change how we run our country. The reality isn’t so plausible however.

The notion that we can solve the world’s problems with a dose of rhetoric and freshness isn’t just unrealistic, it’s downright impossible. Yet, Americans are proving to be hopeless romantics in more ways that one. Our participation trophies create a false sense inclusiveness that undermines reality. We echo retorts that money can’t buy our happiness but spend inordinate amount of hours working for it. Now, we are hoping that a political outsider can rescue us from the tyranny of Washington bureaucrats.


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